2020 IAMME Candidate Bios
ELIZABETH CAMPOS-HAMILTON is currently the Region III Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois. Elizabeth was appointed to the Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education by Illinois State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carmen I. Ayala. In addition, Elizabeth serves on the Bilingual Special Education Subcommittee, a joint subcommittee of the Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education and the Illinois Advisory Council of Children with Disabilities. Elizabeth is passionate about multilingual education, more specifically, how multilingual education intersects with early childhood, special education, and gifted education. 

Goals for IAMME
  • Work with policymakers to promote equitable opportunities for all students, especially multilingual learners,
  • Promote community and family engagement opportunities,
  • Promote initiatives that address the teacher pipeline, especially initiatives that focus on diversifying the teacher pipeline. 
ANGELO CHAVEZ currently a bilingual computer and I.B. technology teacher at Richard Edwards School in Chicago. He has an M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University and an M.A. in Urban Education from Columbia College. Angelo has been employed in the Chicago Public Schools and involved in its communities for over 20 years where he has worked with students at risk, community sports teams, technology clubs, rock band and bilingual book clubs. He looks to further his commitment to a multilingual multicultural world by continuing his participation on the IAMME board.
Goals for IAMME:
  • Increased visibility and awareness through enhanced web presence and social media.
  • Increase communication and coordination with organizations locally and nationally.
  • Increase awareness of the value of a multilingual and multicultural education.
DR. JAMES COHEN has been a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Northern Illinois University for ten years, where he teaches both pre- and in-service teachers how to most effectively work with English Learners in the PK-12 educational system. He researches undocumented immigration, identity construction of English Learners, and more recently within the last 5 years been delving into issues of equity and social justice in the PK-12 system. Dr. Cohen looks forward to continuing his responsibilities and commitment to the IAMME Executive Board.
Goals for IAMME
  • Continue advocating for policy changes at the state level to better meet the needs of PK-12 English Learners.
  • Continue advocating changes at the Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) Level to better prepare pre- and in-service teachers to work with English Learners.
  • Work on expanding IAMME membership to include more members from the IHE community.
EVA CORONA is an English Learner Program Teacher at Galileo Scholastic Academy of Math and Science and Lionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts School in Chicago Public Schools (CPS). In her 19 years of experience in CPS, Eva has worked as a bilingual classroom teacher, bilingual reading interventionist, and bilingual program coordinator at the elementary level.  She is the co-chairperson of the Chicago Teachers Union Bilingual Education Committee which advocates and organizes around issues pertaining to the education of multilingual learners and working conditions of bilingual teachers. Eva is also part of the team of consultants for WIDA Español working to bring WIDA’s Spanish Language Development Standards to districts looking to strengthen their dual language programs.

Goals for IAMME
  • Raise awareness of and advocate for the cultural and linguistic needs of multilingual learners at the state level; the need for high quality teacher preparation programs; increased funding for bilingual education; asset-based language in our bilingual education state laws.
  • Help organize and promote professional learning opportunities to current members and potential members.
  • Expand professional learning opportunities and work to increase membership and services
FRANCELA LOPEZ began her career as a bilingual educator in 2002. Her passion for multilingual education and advocacy for English Learners (ELs) comes from personal experience. As a Guatemalan immigrant and an English Learner herself, she understands the needs and struggles of ELs. She wants to continue making a difference for others. Francela has served as the EL Director for Berwyn North School District 98 for the past 8 years.  She looks forward to continuing her responsibilities and commitment to the IAMME Board which she has served for the past three years.  
Goals for IAMME
  • Promote multilingual and multicultural education.
  • Continue advocating for educational equity for English Learners.
  • Increase the organization's membership and provide professional opportunities.
DR. AMANDA MONTES is an Assistant Professor in the Bilingual-Bicultural Studies program at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Arizona State University. Her areas of interest include examining bilingual educators from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, language attitudes, culturally responsive pedagogy, and arts integration in bilingual education settings. She has worked in the field of Bilingual Education for over 20 years.  
Goals for IAMME
·      To be involved in advocacy to highlight the importance of a society that understands that the privilege of multilingualism should be viewed as an asset for all, not just a selected few, by promoting initiatives (i.e. symposiums, workshops) that expand the ideological lens of the educational landscape in the state of Illinois and beyond.
·      To work to create and expand the partnerships between experts locally and globally in areas of needed professional development in Illinois for educators that express interest
·      To expand IAMME’s influence to new memberships that include pre-service teachers who can benefit from IAMME initiatives that will train them to be culturally responsive future educators that feel confident that their professional training has prepared them to work with culturally and linguistically diverse students
DR. JANE A. MONTES has devoted her entire professional career to the bilingual education field including promoting the equal education opportunity of all ELs and effectively preparing bilingual education/ESL educators and teacher leaders.  Based on her recent experience as an ESL Coordinator at an alternative high school, Dr. Montes is committed to addressing the needs of Long-Term English Learners’ (LTELs) that include: Proper program placement and the use of promising practices that are both engaging and culturally relevant.  Dr. Montes looks forward to continuing her responsibilities and commitment to the IAMME Executive Board such as her recent ISBE testimony, on IAMME’s behalf, that influenced the April 2, 2020 ISBE decision to change the Seal of Biliteracy SAT cut score from 540 to the recommended “College and Career Ready” cut score of 480. 
Goals for IAMME 
  • To advocate for fair and meaningful instruction along with valid and reliable assessments of the Common Core Standards for all ELs .
  • To advocate for parents of ELs as partners in their children’s education.
  • To advocate for EL parents’ rights that include understanding and raising questions about how the instruction and assessment of ELs provide their children with an equal education opportunity for academic success and college and career readiness.
MICHAEL MURGUIA is currently an Assistant Principal at Jefferson School in Berwyn School District 98.   He has a M. Ed in Education from Northern Illinois University, an M. A. in Instructional Leadership from Concordia University, and is currently working on obtaining his C.S.B.O. endorsement through Northern Illinois University.  Over the last 15 years he has worked as a bilingual teacher, EL Program Supervisor, and Dean. Michael looks forward to continuing his responsibilities and commitment to the IAMME Board.
Goals for IAMME
  • Advocate for the needs of multilingual and multicultural students, including those who are labeled as English Learners.
  • Increase professional development opportunities for IAMME members.
  • Increase communication through social media.
JUDY SAURI is Principal at Edwards Dual Language IB School in Chicago. Judy oversees the Dual Language Program at her school. She has worn many hats: Bilingual Teacher, Assistant Principal, ESL Resource Teacher, BLT, Parent Coordinator, becoming one of Chicago’s leading advocates for bilingual education. Mrs. Saurí has been a mentor to teachers seeking the Principal Endorsement. She was instrumental in bringing the Seal of Biliteracy to Illinois and continues advocating for benefits to recipients through legislative efforts.  Judy is also Treasurer of the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE).  Judy looks forward to continuing on the IAMME Board where she currently serves as President. Ser líder es dirigir sabiamente amando con todo tu corazón a los que sirves. To lead is to guide wisely loving those that you service with all your heart.”

Goals for IAMME
  • Continue assisting educators to learn the importance of advocacy for all students including English learners (ELs) and Diverse Learners.
  • Provide professional development and tools needed for educators of ELs. 
  • Work hard on expanding our membership to enhance our network and services such as employment opportunities and professional development services.
DR. SIMEON STUMME is an Associate Professor at Chicago State University and program coordinator for the Bilingual and ESL programs. His work with graduate and undergraduate students, as well as teachers, focuses on the education of English learners (ELs), sociology of education, and history of education. Simeon spent 11 years in the classroom as a bilingual and dual-language elementary school teacher. His personal and professional interests align with the mission and goals of IAMME, and he would be excited to continue his work with the Executive Board.
Goals for IAMME
  • Work with teachers and policy makers to provide responsive and inclusive educational experiences for English   language learners.
  • Promote high quality educational policies and practices for all students and especially ELs.
  • Promote multiculturalism and multilingualism for all students.
JOSIE YANGUAS is the director of the Illinois Resource Center (IRC) where she has worked for over 30 years. She is Chair of the Illinois Advisory Council for Bilingual Education which advises ISBE on issues related to English learners (ELs). Josie also is a member of the Illinois Early Learning Council where she works to advocate for our state’s youngest bilingual students. Josie looks forward to continuing to serve on the IAMME Board.
Goals for IAMME
  • Advocate for the needs of linguistically and culturally diverse students including ELs, particularly at the state level with a focus on equity.
  • Raise awareness on issues such as the need for fairness in the assessment of ELs including in the native language; increased statewide funding for bilingual/ESL education including the upcoming fair tax amendment; and the need for high quality educational programs for ELs.
  • Help provide professional learning opportunities for IAMME members on critical issues facing our state.
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